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Comfort Keepers Elderly Care At Home Offers Medication Safety & Management Solutions

Elderly care is beneficial if your loved one is improperly taking their medication

Many seniors struggle with medication management due to the high number of medications they need to take on a daily basis. Managing five medications can be challenging, let alone twenty or more being used to treat various chronic conditions. Unfortunately, for a lot of older adults, taking a double-figure number of medications daily is reality.

One of the ways of solving this problem is by developing a good and reliable system of medication management. This can be done with the help of an elderly care at home expert or even skilled family members. However, sometimes relying on a family member may not be a dependable enough solution for many seniors. Especially, those with cognitive issues or other health problems that may affect their senses or mobility.

A great option is to opt for an elderly care at home provider that includes assistance with daily needs and tasks, including medication reminders. Unless the senior opts for 24 hour home care, chances are that they will be home alone for several hours on a daily basis. During this alone time, they can forget to take their medication or fail to take the correct dosage.

Comfort Keepers can now offers a real solution to the issue of medication safety and management for seniors! We offer state-of-the art medication management products that provide a simple and efficient way for elderly adults to handle their medications.

What makes our devices stand out is that they can be used both by seniors receiving elderly care at home or those who are able to maintain an independent lifestyle. This means your senior loved one doesn't have to opt for senior care in order to use any of our medication management products. However, we do believe they are most beneficial when used in combination with senior care.

Our medication safety and management devices include a Pill Dispenser, Tab Safe, and MedMiner. All of our devices are simple solutions that can be used even for the most complicated medication schedules. They are cost-effective options, giving you a peace of mind knowing that your elderly loved one is safe, whether they are alone or in the hands of a caregiver.

If you feel one of our devices can help your loved one, please contact Comfort Keepers of Greenville, SC. One of our elderly care at home experts can explain how each product works and recommend the right solution for your parent or relative's needs. Just give us a call and we'll help you determine which product is perfect for your senior loved one!

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