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Determining The Best Home Care Option For Your Loved One

Types of services offered by home care providers in Greenville, SC

While home care is often the best care solution for seniors, choosing the right option for your loved one can be an unnerving task. If you are looking into various home care providers, you first need to know the differences between the available types of services. Doing a bit of research in advance can help you find the best fit for your loved one, allowing them to continue living safely, independently, and comfortably at home.

Home care providers offer a wide array of caregiving services whose purpose is to provide seniors with an adequate at-home support system. Most companies offer an amalgam of services such as personal care, homemaking and companionship care, and specialized care.

Most Common Business Structures

Most home care businesses can be divided into three groups, including employment-based agencies, registries, and independent providers. The main difference between these business structures lies in determining the caregivers’ employer, that is, who is in charge of fringe costs like employment taxes and deduction, insurance coverage, and liability insurance.

Employment-based providers range from corporations to daughter companies and franchises. Opting for employment-based providers offers many benefits for clients, the most important one of which is that the provider is the one who is responsible for all the background details, such as background and reference checks, fringe costs, caregiver training, and compliance with laws and regulations.

Registries store and manage databases of available caregivers, also often performing background checks. Caregivers who are registered this way are often contractors whose employment arrangements may differ. Sometimes, the client is considered the caregiver’s employer, meaning the client is responsible for employment tax and insurance coverage. Another point to consider is that unlike employment-based home care providers, registries do not provide training of any kind, serving more as a matchmaking agency than as an organization that provides the best, most suitable care options.

An independent caregiver can basically be anyone – a person the client knows and trust, someone from the local community or a caregiver who is not a part of a company offering care services. It is important to keep in mind that the client is considered the independent caregiver’s employer, meaning the client bears responsibility for the caregiver’s taxes and deductions. Moreover, the client covers both insurance coverage and general liability insurance. The client checks the caregiver’s background and references as well.

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