1200 Haywood Rd, Greenville, SC 29615
(864) 641-4274

Director of Sales

Greenville, SC

Reports to: Owner /Chief Executive Officer     

Status: Full Time Exempt

Identifies, contacts, presents, and develops referral relationships to ensure a continuous flow of referrals. Works with team to monitor referrals and client assessments and intake to ensure that growth goals are met. Responsible for reporting results to supervisor on a weekly basis, discuss successes and opportunities, and revisit Marketing/Networking/Business Plan.


Qualifications: College degree in Health Care or Marketing Management and two years related experience and/or training.  Experience in home care or other service industry preferred. 

Requires proficiency in word processing and computer skills (Office Word, Excel, & PowerPoint). Will need to master additional software including Scheduling Systems, Calendars and contact management software.

Must possess and demonstrate excellent communication skills as well as positive professional, business image.  


  • Responsible for all Referral Source relationships to ensure they are informed in our differentiators, communicating and referring
  • Ensures 100% of all input of referral information is inputted into the data base.  Also, all follow-up data is captured in the data base system as well.
  • Identifies new relationship opportunities to grow business, reports to Owner/Chief Executive Officer
  • Make new networking/sales calls to assess relationship possibilities to facilities such as Assisted Living Facility, Nursing Homes and Skilled Nursing Facilities, Senior Apartments, Transitional care Units, Rehabilitation services, Hospitals, Home Health Agencies, Hospice Agencies, clinics, etc.
  • Provides and follows a quarterly marketing visit calendar indicating the level of priority of referral sources and visit schedule that meets that level. 
  • Engages GM & or Owner/CEO in sales calls as beneficial to the business
  • Coordinates community education presentations and brings appropriate team member to community to promote Comfort Keepers expertise brand awareness
  • Communicate new potential referral sources to Team so as to prepare for staffing needs
  • Identifies vendor/booth conference opportunities, manages and staffs booth
  • Participates in budget preparation for marketing budget and growth projections
  • Conducts In Home Visits as directed by Management.
  • Inputs all referral and networking/sales information into the data base system
  • Creates the Business Calendar and Business Plan, these are to be submitted three months prior to the new business starting. 
  • Monthly/Qtrly review with GM & Owner/CEO on Business Calendar and Business Plan.  
  • Engages in networking activities in target communities so as to create presence, visibility for and recognition of Comfort Keepers 
  • Brings information to GM & Owner/CEO and team when identifying community unmet needs that might fit our business Mission and Purpose. 
  • Provides input on new product development, marketing literature, and communication tools. 
  • Identifies opportunities for recruiting caregivers, communicates hiring needs within the community.


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